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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

you were driving me to work
on a one-way street
when the radio-people were talking about names..
Easter as a last name
Mary Christmas as a whole
and I thought about one of my families first dogs:

A mixed up mutt from a real-live pet shop,
which at 4 seemed amazing.
But sad when Happy got parvo
and died,
weeks later.

That led my brain to think of Gretchen,
really my first memorable dog--a short haired dachsund...
who got snippy with my brother and I
who my parents said "ran away" but in
real-life went to live on a real farm in Kentucky.
Not a "farm" farm...but so far away.

And at 3 or 4,
I took my Fischer-Price plastic record player
playing "Oh Where Oh Where has my little dog (Gretchen) gone"
hoping those tears would bring her back home.

Of course,
they didn't. But I did find out she lived till I was a teenager,
happily on her Kentucky farm.

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ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

i LOVE this!

"Happiness is only real when shared".....from Into the Wild

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