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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Baby-daddy yoga

"You mean we only have 5 minutes left with you?" The third grade girl asked.
And my 45 minutes
with two very different sets of sisters              1. white rice
was bitter sweet                                                   2. brown rice
knowing she was going home                  cooking up together nicely
to baby-daddy                                            lined up working
which number.                                           with cottonball music

high sounding voices
rising elevators
him patiently telling 
baby girls what to do**

I was aware of her question...the sincerity.  Her eyes were sad because she wanted to keep playing yoga.

"Why don't your girls come?" She asked.                      1.yoga
And I told them I do this at home,                                            2.dance
so my girls get bored of me.                                                       3.books
Almost misunderstood,                                                               4.art
she didn't ask anything more.

Because of timing conflicts I haven't taught yoga in about 6 weeks. I honestly have missed it.  Today was a reminder of that for me with these four girls.  

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