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Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Night Before

I was in the grocery store
where instead of aisles
there were pyramids of food
fresh greenbeans

And in the back
where the drinking fountain 
I stood looking at a fish tank

dirty water carrying little
fish populating
unsure how they were living

my eyes 
gazed to the right
a large tank held two gold carp

One came to the side
I spoke to it like a pet
while it nuzzled up to the glass
I knew it understood my words

Out of the clear water
the sparkled fish
was on my side
when I couldn't decide whether
to be running down the aisles
or letting it be

An unknown woman
telling me not to not be afraid
I knew she was right!!
but when I felt the gentle jaws
around my waist

I woke

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