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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Inside upsidedown

how i arrived
on a third street
didn't matter
                                inside i flew upstairs
                                taking steps to the back

                               windowless room          *withoutairlightsuffocationlifeenergycolorbeing*

(while the Wion man explained
the history of the home:

hearing stories of deserving a new house
but not being a new house because it's an old house 
needing new plaster

Eyes gazing downward...
large slatted
painted wood
           gazing ceiling high
                        to the straighforward walls 
                        again, without windows

And his wife
to my right

"I know this is what you wanted"
talking about the house
bought out 

"That's ok...this is yours"

maybe the dreamhouse
but not the builder
                                 take his table 
                                 set his plate
dream alittle dream for me...

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