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Friday, May 02, 2008

whose angel?

Early this morning,  my awake-self was ignoring the alarm clock.

                      I was dreaming.

Till I thought in the dream, I need to go back...

                     Back where?

but as I did I was sucked into a blizzard.

                              Snow pounding.
                              Wind evolving tornado induced blizzard--

And then my african-american angel...

the one who showed up in a dream when I was in highschool, making me laugh
(I dreamt I was going pee and he was peeking around the corner--which made me dream laugh)

                             grabbed my arms
                             I was laying on the ground...being sucked into this blizzard,

                                          pulled me

and I kept looking up at him,
almost crying--


                         "I just want to be someone's angel...someday"

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