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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My 91 1/2 yr. old Grandma lives next door to us...my mom is helping her more often these days. This was poem she wrote for me when I was between 10-12 years old.

Dreamt Beth wrote this poem for me:

Grandmas house is special;
She gives us treats in a pretty bowl.
She pulls out the couch to make us a hidey hole.
She only says, "Be careful don't hurt yourself,"
when we act like animals in the hungle and get tired
so we need to rest, she sits on the couch and reads us
books by the bundle.
At Grandma's house there are so many things to do.
I'd like to go there everyday,
She has lots of toys and games to play.
But mommie says, "No way--
You have things to do at home
study your lessons
or play with Kari,
practice the piano, do not tarry!
Pick up the toys or clean your room,
Daddy will be home soon.
But on Sunday, even in the winter,
we go to Grandma's house for dinner."

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