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Thursday, October 26, 2006

What do you say
to someone
who is going into
an army
you don't agree
and anxious
about leaving 3
children behind?
What do you say
when they say
I'm not really makin' it here
and you know
that their $1097 a month
in child support is
enough to put
on the streets?
What do you say
when the concrete
business isn't a business
but a past time
quarter past
quarter till
and their recruiter is
picking them up
at half past
to wine and dine
them back into
a wax on
wax off
Four brigades.
One training.
One deploying.
One ready.
One working...
and not knowing
which four you'll fall
into first
but hopefully not out
of a plane
(train or automobile).

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